Pricing Businesses

Business Tax Preparation Price List

This business tax preparation price list is provided as a guideline. The actual cost to

prepare your business tax return will vary depending upon the completeness of your

accounting records, the complexity of your return, and total time necessary to actually

prepare a complete and accurate return.

Business Income Tax Returns:

$350 minimum charge; C-Corporation (Form 1120)

$350 minimum charge; S-Corporation (Form 1120S)

$350 minimum charge; Partnership (Form 1065)

$550 minimum charge; Return of Organizations Exempt from

Income (Form 990)

$200 minimum charge; AL C-Corporation (Form 20)

$200 minimum charge; AL S-Corporation (Form 20S)

$200 minimum charge; AL Partnership (Form 65)

$100 minimum charge; AL PSA, Business Privilege Tax (AL PSA)

The above charges do not include costs associated with organizing or preparing

accounting records in a manner necessary to prepare an accurate tax return. Reduced

actual times to prepare the above returns may reduce the above charges. Please contact

our office for exact price quotes.

Payroll Tax Reports:

$100 minimum charge; Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return (Form 941)

$100 minimum charge; Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment

Tax Return (Form 940)

$50 minimum charge; Alabama income tax withholding forms

$25 minimum charge; Alabama Department of Industrial Relations; Employer's

Unemployment Report

$20 minimum charge; Alabama Verified Summary of Payments

$25 per W-2 form; Wage and Tax Statements (Form W-3 and W-2)

$25 per 1099 form; Payments to third parties (Form 1096 and 1099)

The above pricing includes all forms and envelopes necessary to file the required tax

reports and documents.

Charges per form may be reduced if payroll records are also maintained by our office and all required forms are prepared by our office. Please contact our office for exact price quotes on preparation and maintenance of payroll records.